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date title summary
More Cleanup documenting more changes for future references
Microservice Architecture is a Recipe for Pain You'd think that having grown up Catholic I'd be masochistic enough to like developing microservices.
My Manhood, My Property, My Way a rant and a meditation on biological sex, socially-defined gender, individual choice, and existentialism with music by Diamond Head, The Sisters of Mercy, Annihilator, and Frank Sinatra
A Bit of a Cleanup in which this website's operator documents some changes he's made for himself if nobody else
Programmers and Grimoires Do not begrudge developers and system administrators their references unless you crave downtime, breakage, data corruption, and other dire consequences...
A Well Known URL for Your Resume/CV Jim Nielsen came up with a well-known URL for avatars, but why not one for resumes and CVs?
Make Them Reject You If you don't ask for things, and you aren't willing to simply reach out and take them, you'll end up with nothing.
Not For Her Sake I had never heard of Alyssa Rosenweig until today, so it's not for her sake that I vote against Republicans at every opportunity.
RE: Date and Time with a Static Site Generator I was tempted to just email Jim Nielsen with my answer, but decided to blog it instead.
After 1989: A Trip To Freedom notes on the historical concept album by Minutes to Midnight
Fun with Dates and Emacs a note to myself about creating RSS and Atom friendly dates for posts in Emacs
Spiral Architect: Chapter 5 in which Morgan agrees to help a friend in need...
Trying Friendica My discomfort with the Fediverse might be discomfort with Mastodon itself.
Your Screen Is Tasty I see no reason why this website shouldn't eat it all. (om-nom-nom)
Spiral Architect: Chapter 4 in which Morgan finds an unexpected sense of kinship...
Alice Cooper, Live in Hershey Catherine and I crossed off an item on my rock 'n roll bucket list last night
Dammit, Apple If your content blocker is going to block images, it should block all images.
RE: Mastodon Preview Cards regarding a post by Jeff Sikes
Spiral Architect: Chapter 3 in which Morgan begins to understand the stakes involved...
Disdain for Profanity is a Luxury Belief prescriptivist boors have been looking down on profanity in English since 1066
I Just Bought a Piano Oh shit, am I petit bourgeois now?
Florida Man Bans Abortion I don't care that his real name is Ron DeSantis.
John Daker has seen some shit a commentary on the Eternal Champion novels by Michael Moorcock
Parental Rights some random thoughts and advice to parents from a childless man
Preventing LLM Scraping I don't want my writing used to train a large language model.
A Letter to NPR Management I'm posting this here on my website so I have a receipt.
The Studfindr Job: Outline an outtake from Spiral Architect by Matthew Graybosch
The Studfindr Job: Draft an outtake from Spiral Architect by Matthew Graybosch
Jesus He Knows Me Ghost is covering Genesis, and they picked Easter to drop this video.
Spiral Architect: Chapter 2 in which Morgan gets yet another choice mission...
Scarlet Dorn discovering a new (to me) band from Germany
First World Problems in which I gripe about self-inflicted annoyances I face as a webmaster
Spiral Architect: Chapter 1 in which Morgan is late because his day job won't let him go...
Poem for a Mass Resignation the Great Resignation deserves a greater poet than I, but this might do for now
Companies Are Failing Everybody disputing findings in the most recent Women in the Workplace report
The Ides of March If you ever wanted to have a public toga party while staging a general strike, today's the day.
RE: Stop Using Custom Web Fonts I got over custom web fonts a long time ago, but I'm no designer.
RE: The Ultimate Linux ARM64 Workstation comments on Jason Eckert's post about running Asahi Linux on a Mac Studio
RE: All You May Need is HTML comments on Fabien Sanglard's post about how to build a website
Spiral Architect: Synopsis a summary of where I intend to go with my next novel
Fertility Crisis? You're Welcome! Has it ever occurred to New York Times columnists that wage slaves don't breed well in captivity?
Persona 4 GOLDEN I played the original on the PlayStation 2, and I'm feeling nostalgic.
Always Remote Regardless of the weather, I will always prefer remote work over on-site.
Living for Pleasure - an Epicurean Guide to Life notes on Emily A. Austin's book about the Greek philosopher Epicurus and his teachings
Ticketmaster Delenda Est There's nothing wrong with Ticketmaster that can't be fixed by razing the corporation to the ground
I Quit Mastodon Again Maybe this time it'll be permanent...
smile, he said it isn't just women who hear this
silent defiance yet another bad haiku
A Seed of an Ending for Soft Doctrines Isaac Magnin has nobody to blame but himself. This was the best possible outcome of his endgame.
RE: Does a Blog Need to Integrate? blogs with RSS/Atom/JSON feeds are already interoperable
No New Years' Resolutions in 2023 they usually go unkept, anyway


date title summary
Hello Again, World restarting my blog on a new domain
Salary Range or GTFO concerning pay transparency in tech recruiting and its lack thereof
Things Do Not Have Friends a rant about the so-called male friendship recession
a Phishing Attempt for PayPal Users Who falls for this? Are these assclowns even trying?
Shadowbanned an extremely short flash fiction
RE: Static Site Generators Easier to use depends on who you ask, doesn't it?
The Magician and the Parrot a joke that came out of my UNIX fortune program
Holy Smoke Fuck censorship. Burn all book burners for great justice.
cicadas a summer haiku
The Village Voice Isn't Really Back Brian Calle might have resurrected the brand, but not its soul.
Gloomy Monday Thoughts About Computers half-baked and not thoroughly thought-through bathroom musings about computers as weapons in search of civilian applications
Learning Vue in which I set about adding another tool to my kit to stay employable
Random Thoughts on Game Streaming if you're streaming a multiplayer game, please tell me up front so I can drop out
Little Changes after inspiring more changes in Bradley Taunt's `pblog` I made further tweaks for my own use
Still Derisive About Marketing I'm an old techie and I still despise marketing and its practitioners.
An Archetypical Tech Recruiter I'm almost of sick of these people as I am of self-righteous terminally-online types.
Notes on Pancreatic Cancer Screening Is early detection of pancreatic cancer even practical for most people?
Building a Site for My Fiction with 'pblog' thinking out loud, building in public
Creating YouTube Thumbnails with a Shell Script It's almost as good as an embed, but without Google's spyware.
Web3 is Coming For Authors A 'crypto revolution' re-imagining books? Count me out.
Paying Strangers to Watch Me Work? How stupid can the New York Times get when it comes to remote work?
RE: High Property Taxes Are Good, Actually commentary on Brock Whittaker's post on interest rates and real estate speculation
Nothing Like a Bad Phishing Attempt There's been a phishing scam targeting M&T Bank customers via SMS since 2019.
RE: Soft Deletion Probably Isn't Worth It a reply to Brandur's post about soft deletion in databases
RE: Really Getting Started with Hugo a reply to Bryce Wray's post about Hugo's quickstart instructions
Crypto Direct Deposit? WTF? The more I learn about cryptocurrency the more closely it resembles a comic book supervillain's revenge on a world that allowed him to be dateless on prom night.
RE: Thoughts on RSS a reply to Matt Rickard's thoughts on RSS and the problems it faces
RE: The Linux Desktop is Hard to Love a reply to Bradley Taunt's post about the inherent jankiness of desktop GNU/Linux
Extending pblog Some of my extensions to Bradley Taunt's pblog aren't necessarily suitable for submission as a patch, but I wanted to document them here.
Blocking Crap with a Hosts File If you can get your hands on /etc/hosts, it's a good way to block the worst of the web.
There Goes Your Feed (Again) Because I often break shit while tinkering...
Roe v. Wade Was Overturned Today Never forgive. Never forget. All conservatives are scum and the government can only recognize rights we've always had.
COVID-19: One Megadeath Later a rant about the US' collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Podcasts Have Always Sucked Transcript or GTFO. I can read faster than you assholes can talk.
A Reality Where HTML Never Existed Bradley Taunt thinks CSS and JavaScript were a mistake. I go further.
Party Like It's 1989 a Web Zero Manifesto
Playing as a Woman in Final Fantasy XIV Why not, since I pretend to be a man in real life?
Using GNU Recutils to Generate a Playlist Feed I ended up not doing this, but I don't want to delete this post.
Going Dark (Building A Shinobi Site) documenting the process by which I rebuilt my website (yet again)
RE: The Box of Doom commentary on Krad's zine, The Box of Doom
About My Ad Blocker It's your fault I block ads. You chose to use adtech, and adtech is malware.
Hellbound; or, Curse God and Live This K-drama got me thinking about existentialism and the problem of evil.
Personal Websites as Self-Portraiture The personal website is both medium and message, a self-publishing technology and a new visual arts medium, and every website is its operator's self-portrait.


date title summary
Questions for Your Cast a brief guide to character creation without prior worldbuilding
Amazon's The Wheel of Time Blind Guardian did a better adaptation with a ten-minute power metal song.
Fuck Trump; Let's Go Brandon Deference to authority is un-American. Fuck the President no matter who he is.
RE: Thoughts on Silly Hats a reply to's post on fashion and subculture
Literature Ain't Burger King Want to have it your way? Write it yourself.
Of Course I Worked There. So What? a rant about the New York Times' anti-remote work propaganda
Hearing Rainfall Reflections on working from home, and why I don't want to go back to onsite work
Is the Thought of an Incel a Real Thought? I don't believe incels actually exist. I think their problems are self-inflicted, and I have no sympathy.
How to Ruin a Date all it takes is one word
Does Therapy Work for Men? I'm not convinced it does, but I could be wrong. I am, after all, a man.
Don't Worry. I'm Still OK. I don't believe anybody will care, but don't be surprised if you don't see me posting much here.
My Father is Dead The man worked his ass off and he didn't even get to retire.
Installing Devuan 3.1 and Migrating to Ceres notes I compiled for future reference or in case they help others
The Cancellation of Emily Wilder by the Cowardly Associated Press I love the smells of conservative hypocrisy and butthurt in the morning.
What Five Stages of Grief? I think I've skipped straight to angry acceptance.
My Father Is Dying The man I knew is gone, replaced by a broken, bewildered animal.
Wife First, or Mother? Spoiler warning: I choose my wife. Always.
a haiku from my study window blame Ghost of Tsushima if you want for this poetic impulse
Entries for a New Devil's Dictionary inspired by the original Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
Why Should I Go Back to the Office? Also, why do I always get nervous when somebody at work talks about 'safe spaces'?
Not This Shit Again; or, ACAB I'm tired of hearing about cops going full Dredd and summarily executing civilians.
Then I'm Against You Demanding that I choose a side will never work in your favor.
Maybe I Don't WANT To Be Reached? I have lots of reasons to avoid social media. Advertising is but one.
YouTube Kids a Vapid Wasteland? No Shit, Sherlock. I'm sorry, but when has children's entertainment in the US not been a vapid wasteland?
It's Just Some Other Asshole's Computer Is this the curse of knowledge, or merely pride?
Tina Guo Classical instruments, heavy metal, and fetishwear? Yes, please.
The Wrong Kind of Diversity Diversity will be punished unless it can be exploited because under capitalism no lives matter.
Parallel Transcoding from FLAC on Linux Using find and xargs can dramatically speed up the transcoding of large collections of FLAC files to formats like Ogg Vorbis or MP3.
Unpleasant Truths About Culture Fit If somebody wants to discriminate against you when hiring without getting sued, this is the excuse they'll use.
Glory and Blame In which I wax irreligious and take a whack at the problem of evil.
Gina Carano Will Be Fine She has fuck you money, and she hasn't actually been silenced.
Goddammit, Jon Schaffer Good thing I never mistook Iced Earth's founding guitarist for a hero, let alone met the man in person.
XTerm: Because Worse is Better It doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to work.
Parler Had It Coming Their management forgot that there is no cloud; it's just some other asshole's computer.
Thoughts on the Insurrection I am fucking sick of right-wingers and their bullshit.
My Wife Gave Me an AlphaSmart 3000 for Christmas I wasn't expecting this, and it's surprisingly handy now that I've gotten the hang of using it.


date title summary
Aspects of Tyranny and Oppression a beast with five faces: church, state, capital, society, and family
More Stuff I Might Use Later These might work in a new edition of Without Bloodshed.
Getting Back Into It But first I've got some background material to work out.
I Voted By Mail Any public official who takes voting rights seriously should work toward making voting by mail the default.
Spamtoberfest Man, Digital Ocean really didn't think this through.
Cobra Kai at Work a defense of wildcat strikes, legality be damned
Shite Hustle (No Revenue) an affectionate parody of Alestorm's “Shit Boat (No Fans)”
The Cop in My Head All cops are bastards, especially the one in your head.
Making Meaning inspired by a Gemini post by acdw
RE: Naming Computers a reply to dctrud's gemlog
Leftist Dating Advice Considered Harmful I've never gotten effective dating advice from a leftist on the internet. Have you?
Egoism, Neutrality, and Zeal I hate getting the hard sell, especially when you're trying to sell me a cause.
Bostock vs Clayton County, GA I'd like to see originalists shit themselves as they read this decision.
Text Mode Weekend, Part Deux in which I continue to experiment with Slackware without X11 as a desktop OS
The NoFap Hoax, by an Anonymous Psychology Professor I found this on Pastebin and wanted to preserve it.
What if Internal Wifi Was a Mistake? When was the last time you did anything with your computer offline?
Choose Life? the problem with video games is that reality sucks
Text Mode Weekend in which I experiment with Slackware without X11 as a desktop OS
RE: Against Bingeing TV contrary to acdw's opinion, I don't think Netflix invented binge culture
Relevance Junkies I can't be the only one sick of hearing about J. K. Rowling.
On the Imperative of Niceness Stop tone-policing your fellow workers and start organizing general strikes.
How to Avoid Reply Guys Anything you post in public is fair game.
The Racist H. P. Lovecraft vs. Self-Righteous Internet Leftists Throwing Lovecraft's work down the memory hole only harms the living.
What Really Caused Nationfall? It's easier to write post-apocalyptic sf when the world isn't collapsing around you.
Dragon Hunting; or, Helvetia delenda est An idea for a SF thriller that I probably won't use
Vocabulary Lessons There are plenty of good reasons to avoid the use of 'niggardly' that online leftists don't cite.
I'm a Sodomite and I'm OK You're probably one too, unless you've never had recreational sex.
Three Mile Island Dirty Rice a recipe for spicy eggy rice dish, without a lot of bullshit
Final Fantasy VII Relived better than I expected, with some unexpected twists, but don't pay full price
Why I’m Going to Block You I don't need a reason, but people give me so many good excuses.


date title summary
Nothing Like a Bad Phishing Attempt There's been a phishing scam targeting M&T Bank customers via SMS since 2019.
2010-2019: My Decade in Review a summary of what my life has been like this past decade
Real Sex Education Compared to what I got in the 1990s, PornHub was an improvement.
Containment, Social Media, and the Dangers of Imitation Deplatforming wasn't a major issue before social media, and it still isn't even though social media more often creates cacophony than community.
I Want My BSD! my autobiography as a Unix fan, with apologies to Dire Straits...
Proprietary Video Games a rant on deliberately crippled computers and software
On Religion as Blasphemy Suppose we've been putting words in God's mouth the whole damn time?
On Allyship I'm nobody's ally, but some of the things demanded of allies are easily granted, so why not?
Harry Frankfurt: On Bullshit I've some to suspect that understanding and containing the spread of bullshit is the defining issue of our time.


date title summary
Turning Forty looking back from the top of the hill before I go over it
The Truth About US Taxes? I'm not convinced that taxes are necessary to finance government.
Leaving the Cult; or, Getting Free of Toxic Tech Culture This post is absofuckinlutely brilliant and you should have read it last week.


date title summary
The Definitive Count of Monte Cristo opinions on Robin Buss' translation for Penguin Classics


date title summary
C.L. Moore: Queen of the Pulps one of the great 20th century originals and a worthy heir to Mary Shelley


date title summary
You Should Listen to Galneryus This Japanese power metal act's first three albums are tight.


date title summary
Richard Zane's Fantasmagoria an absolutely gonzo indie novel by an author I knew from Google+


date title summary
2010-2019: My Decade in Review a summary of what my life has been like this past decade


date title summary
Just Married! I might have had doubts, but I don't have any regrets.


date title summary
One Nation Above God Never mind forcing kids to pledge allegiance, why are we forcing kids to go to school in the first place?

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