Not For Her Sake

I had never heard of Alyssa Rosenweig until today, so it’s not for her sake that I vote against Republicans at every opportunity.

I’ve been voting against the Republican Party since 1996 because even then I regarded the GOP as a party of fundies, fascists, and white supremacists. They haven’t gotten any better since then. Unfortunately, the Democrats have only gotten worse, but I’d still rather vote for a neoliberal than a neo-Nazi.

Since it wasn’t until today that I had heard of Alyssa Rosenweig I can’t say that my opposition to the Republican Party is for her sake. Nor would I; I do it for my own sake.

Say what you want about left-wing “cancel culture”, but conservatives invented that shit. They have always been censorious, self-righteous wastes of ammo, and organized gangs of Karens1 like “Moms for Liberty” and “Morality in Media” are just more of the same bullshit I’ve come to expect from the neo-Nazis of Middle America.

Impassioned pleas like “Growing Up Alyssa” don’t move me; they only serve as confirmation that I am doing the right thing by holding my nose and voting for candidates I find distasteful because their Republican opposition is worse.

Besides, conservatives hate people like me: people who aren’t 100% white, cisgender, heterosexual, neurotypical, rich, and the right kind of Christian. It seems only fair that I should hate them back. Nor will I bother with that “hate sin, not the sinner” nonsense by hating conservatism but not its adherents. My hatred for conservatives and their morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology predates Ms. Rosenweig, and it will outlive me and take on its own tenebrous life.

Since we can’t get away with assassinating fascists and neo-Nazis yet, I will continue to vote against them instead for as long as I can find strength to cast a ballot. If that helps trans women like Ms. Rosenweig, they’re welcome to it.

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