how this site was built

This website is designed, written, and operated by Matthew Graybosch, currently of Harrisburg, PA in the United States of America. You can reach him by email at His furtual assistants are Smudge and Purrseus.


Technical Information

This website has a public git repository so you can see how everything works, and is built with a custom shell script called oedipus.

I write everything I post on this website in Markdown with GNU Emacs.

I build the site with a makefile that calls pandoc to convert my Markdown to HTML. I use the W3C html-xml-utils to include partials, generate tables of contents, and reformat my HTML, and process images with ImageMagick. I also use several shell scripts to generate my RSS feed, create blog post listings, and generate pictures and figures.

The site will adjust to your device’s settings and render in light or dark mode as required. The style sheet also has settings for those who wish to print out pages.

I use fonts commonly available on GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows rather than slowing my site down with web fonts.

Design Inspiration

Privacy Policy

I don’t use JavaScript on this website or place cookies. I do not use analytics. I have disabled HTTP server logging, and only activate it when needed for diagnostic purposes. I do not collect any personal data from visitors unless they email me, and if you do email me I do not use your email for commercial purposes.

Advertising Policy

This is a personal website, not a billboard. I do not host display ads, sponsored content, affiliate links, or make any attempt to monetize this site. It doesn’t cost me that much per year to operate this site, and I have a day job.

AI Policy

I do not use AI or LLM technology when writing for this website. I have no intention of ever doing so. I’m reluctant to even use a spelling checker, so any misspellings or typos you find are entirely my fault.

Sustainability uses at least 0.02g of CO2 per page and at most 0.17 g of CO2. Depending on which page you visit, my site is cleaner than 83-98% of all other websites. The disparity is due to my habit of publishing entire novels of at least 100,000 words in length as single web pages.

Hosting is courtesy of, which has not yet adopted green energy. I will probably migrate to a host that does as this domain comes up for renewal.


The WAVE tool does not report any accessibility errors with However, if you use assistive technology and you’ve encountered a problem with my website, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Performance has a GTMetrix grade of 100% in performance and 99% in structure for most pages. The home page weighs in at 61.2KB (89.5KB Uncompressed). Most pages are smaller unless they use images.

The site’s biggest page, for my trunk novel Starbreaker, still scores 97% on performance and 96% on structure. It weighs in at 677KB (1.86MB Uncompressed), and is a 289,000 word novel.

Content Policy

As you might have noticed, is not safe for work or appropriate for children. I write from the heart, and that includes writing about negative emotions and experiences, airing honestly earned cynicism, occasionally discussing my sexuality, and fairly liberal use of “profanity”.

Any opinions I share on this website are mine unless quoted and attributed to somebody at least as intelligent as my wife thinks I am. I do not speak for any of my past, present, or future employers here, nor do I represent the views of their clients and partners. Nothing I publish here should be considered factual unless independently verified. Caveat lector! (Let the reader beware.)

If any of this offends you, then by all means email me so that my wife and I can laugh at you.