my online presence extends beyond this domain

This page is partially inspired by Daryl Sun’s where to find me page. I used to have this on the bottom of my links page, but decided to make it a separate page so that the links page could focus on other people’s websites.



The best way to find me is to email me. I can be reached at contact@starbreaker.org.

my other accounts and sites

I've tried to list this in order of which I use most.

site description
Friendica this sucks a lot less than Mastodon, so I moved here
Final Fantasy XIV the only MMORPG I play; my wife designed my character
Sourcehut public git repository hosting
Bandcamp buy and stream music
Pixelfed photo sharing on the Fediverse
Matrix cross-platform messaging
Midnight Pub a quiet little forum
Last.FM track listening habits
Libre.FM a FOSS alternative to Last.FM
matthewgraybosch.com my old domain, which I'm keeping because domain squatters can go fuck themselves
matthewgraybosch.org a domain I had leased because I had been thinking that as an individual I should migrate to a dot org domain
Goodreads somebody has to manage my author profile and it might as well be me
Mastodon my old fediverse profile
Google+ 2011-2019: it could have been a contender

other identities

If you see me on any platform not listed above, it might be an impersonator or an account I’ve forgotten I had. Please email me so I can check it out.

I do have a Discord account, but it’s strictly for use with player guilds in Final Fantasy XIV. Please don’t attempt to interact with me there unless you also play FFXIV.

where you should not find me

Do not expect to find me on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlueSky, nostr, Reddit, Hacker News, Medium, Substack, Wattpad, or Archive of Our Own.