science fantasy novels and stories by Matthew Graybosch

Welcome to the Starbreaker saga…

The dark lord wears white.
He already rules the world.
Now he wants to save it.
He might even manage it, too…

…with a little help from his enemies.

an Adversary's tattoo, inspired by the caduceus but with a sword instead of a staff and roses (artwork by Ricky Gunawan based on the author's design)

Coming soon to an apocalypse near you…



The vast majority of my fiction is part of a science fantasy saga I’ve been working on in fits and spurts since I was eighteen and high on an overdose of fiction by Michael Moorcock; music by Judas Priest, the Blue Öyster Cult, and Queensrÿche; anime like Vampire Hunter D and Akira; and video games like Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, and Metal Gear Solid.

I named my saga Starbreaker after the Judas Priest song and a weapon mentioned in Stephen Baxter’s sf. It started as a silly little story about a metalhead who defied heaven and hell alike because they had the nerve to start Armageddon the day he was finally going to get to see Iron Maiden; he had been gifted a black diamond sword with which to fight them by the Lead Bodhisattva.

Submitting that story got me a failing grade in my creative writing class, but I didn’t let that stop me. It’s not award-winning stuff, but I had a shitload of fun writing it and it did help me meet my wife.

work in progress

year title
2003 Spiral Architect

unfinished/unpublished work

year title
2023 The Soft Doctrines of Isaac Magnin
2021 When You Don’t See Me
2020 Saint of Traitors
2019 Killing Machine
2018 “Thirteen Cuts”
2018 Shattered Guardian, episode 2: The Memory Remains
2018 Shattered Guardian, episode 1: Cemetery Gates
2009 Starbreaker

out of print work

These were published by Curiosity Quills Press.

year title
2016 Silent Clarion
2015 “Limited Liability”
2014 “The Holiday Rush”
2014 “Tattoo Vampire”
2013 Without Bloodshed
2013 “The Milgram Battery”
2012 Steadfast

The rights to the last of these works reverted to me in 2020 at the expiration of the four-year contract for Silent Clarion. The publisher has been defunct since at least 2019. {.notice}