Spiral Architect

a new Starbreaker novel by Matthew Graybosch, serialized online

Spiral Architect is a new Starbreaker novel, serialized online.

When attempts by a biotech startup to claim artificial humanoids as corporate property draw the Phoenix Society’s attention, they put Morgan Cooper on the case even though he’s supposed to be on vacation. That alone would make it personal, but Morgan himself is a potential target. When the law is no shield, only the sword remains.



date title summary
Spiral Architect: Chapter 1 in which Morgan is late because his day job won't let him go...
Spiral Architect: Chapter 2 in which Morgan gets yet another choice mission...
Spiral Architect: Chapter 3 in which Morgan begins to understand the stakes involved...
Spiral Architect: Chapter 4 in which Morgan finds an unexpected sense of kinship...
Spiral Architect: Chapter 5 in which Morgan agrees to help a friend in need...


date title summary
Spiral Architect: Synopsis a summary of where I intend to go with my next novel


date title summary
The Studfindr Job: Outline an outtake from Spiral Architect by Matthew Graybosch
The Studfindr Job: Draft an outtake from Spiral Architect by Matthew Graybosch

working title

I’m using “Spiral Architect” as a working title until I come up with something better. The lyrics to the Black Sabbath song aren’t a perfect fit, but the imagery it provokes suits me.

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YouTube: "Spiral Architect" by Black Sabbath

I’m still tempted to use “Proscribed Construct” instead, because to one faction in the setting einherjar like Morgan Cooper and the lifthrasir from which the einherjar were developed are forbidden tech to be destroyed on sight.