see what gets me banging my head; guess which albums influence my writing

Heavy metal didn’t just save my life, it inspires my fiction, too. Get a peek at what’s in my jukebox and see if you can spot an influence.

Where available, all recordings are linked to entries in MusicBrainz, an online public-access recordings database maintained by volunteers.



A NWOBHM stalwart, Demon never quite lived up to their name. While their first two albums borrowed heavily from horror movie tropes, later albums saw them making forays into progressive rock territory.

album label year
Night of the Demon Spaced Out Music 1981
The Unexpected Guest Spaced Out Music 1982
The Plague Spaced Out Music 1983


one of the original New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) acts, releasing a couple of well-received albums in the 1980s before going on a hiatus of sorts until their revival in 2013

album label year
Court in the Act Listenable Records 1983
Life Sentence Listenable Records 2013
Atom By Atom Listenable Records 2015
Cruel Magic Metal Blade Records 2018
Earth Infernal Metal Blade Records 2022

Scarlet Dorn

a gothic rock/dark pop band from Hamburg named after its vocalist

album label year
Lack of Light Oblivion 2018
Blood Red Bouquet independent 2021
Queen of Broken Dreams SPV 2022


an Anglo-American band reminiscent of 1970s proto-metal like BÖC, Uriah Heep, and Wishbone Ashe featuring Russ Tippins from Satan on guitar and vocals

album label year
In Another Time Metal Blade Records 2019
Voyage Metal Blade Records 2023