old-school mutual aid between webmasters; SEO be damned

Pages like this one are how website operators used to promote other websites they like before Google and the SEO industry ruined the World Wide Web. They’re still worth doing even if you care about SEO; just make sure Google isn’t allowed to crawl your links page using a robots.txt directive or <meta> tag.


personal websites

I visit these from time to time; sometimes I learn something.

site description
BNR Metal Pages These pages are now more than 20 years old, having been founded in December 1995. Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years!
kradeelav zines / comic art. villains & leather. what standards?
Minutes to Midnight personal website of Simone Silvestroni, a digital polymath focused on high-quality audio productions since 1992
so1o I’m Jw, a full-time Otaku and a part-time working class with a passion for design, typography, branding, and the web.
Manuel Moreale I'm Manu. Freelance developer since 2011. Born and raised in Italy since 1989. Collector of sites since 2015 (RIP). "Blogger" since 2017. Rambling about design, programming, hardware and Linux
kevq Hi there 👋 my name is Kev Quirk, welcome to my little corner of the Internet.
sadgirl Hello! My name is Sadness and this is my website: a tribute to the internet and a place of my own.
tyoma Hello people of online... welcome to my little zone of the web. I'm Tyoma!
Silvia Maggi I'm Silvia, an expert in designing for accessibility and usability. Curator of the inspiration series and newsletter Design, Digested. Serving the N scale community since 1999
Álvaro Ramírez an Emacs fan and iOS app developer
ryuslash I love Free Software and Open Source Software, and all of my projects are available for anyone to use. I also would love for anyone to contribute to any of them.
Mr Petovan projects page Welcome to the project page of Mr Petovan. You can find below projects I worked on from 2004 onward and for which I didn't create a domain, and most of them are work in progress or just simply not working.

Hi there. I'm Zach.

Welcome to my site. It's not much, but it's all mine.

Pop22 Hi, my name is Adrianna. I am the director of product management for the City of San Francisco’s digital team.
Tommi Space You just entered an overwhelming, mindblowing, and confused space inside the immense Universe of the World Wide Web.
Daryl Sun I play with software and videogames. Sometimes I write things.
Jim Nielsen Web Generalist: Design, Code, Writing
Maya Land I have a day job in a field where no one is impressed by the kind of thing I’m trying to do here.
Stephen Ramsay I am an Associate Professor of English and a Fellow at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Phil Gyford’s website I live in Herefordshire, in the UK. I design and develop things on the internet, often for work. Sometimes I’m an actor.

fans of mine

If you're a Starbreaker fan and your site isn't listed here, please email me so I can fix that.

site description
Twisted Dandelion Productions This blog is where I post my writing experiments. In fits and starts, bits and pieces, I'm learning my craft. Word by word.


The line between a personal website and a blog is kinda fuzzy.

site description
Angry Metal Guy AMG is the standard by which all should be judged, which is why he started a blog.
The Honest Courtesan I've been a librarian, a housewife, a call girl, a madam, and a sex worker rights activist, and now I'm semi-retired to a small farm on the Washington coast and blogging about prostitutes, our rights and experiences and the way society oppresses the world's only female-dominated profession while self-proclaimed 'feminists' support the outrage.

rocking websites

If you're in a band and you have your own website, I'd like to know.

site description
Blue Öyster Cult Originally a rock band called "Stalk-Forrest Group" and "Soft White Underbelly", they become some of the founding fathers of American heavy metal with help from Sandy Pearlman
The Protomen don't turn your back on the city
Satan Satan (NWOBHM) - Official Website
Judas Priest one of the OG's of heavy metal
Black Sabbath the OGs of heavy metal
The Sword retro metal from Texas
The Sisters of Mercy We are a rock'n'roll band. And a pop band. And an industrial groove machine. We are intellectual love gods.

web directories

Here are other places to find interesting websites.

site description is a place to find good blogs that interest you.
Indieseek Indie Web Directory A human edited, Indieweb directory. A free non-elite website directory
LinkLane The web directory has been open since January 28, 2004 and is a place for all kinds of sites to be listed in various categories.
Nightfall City From the hills of Dusk's End to the small alleys of Main Street, you feel drawn to the lights of this vibrant metropolis in an uncharted internet territory. The sign reads "Nightfall".
Nerd Listings Welcome to the Nerd Listings! We have been on the internet for more than 15 years! We keep our listings small on purpose to make sure dead links are removed routinely.
Smooth Sailing Listings A web directory and listing for websites of any kind!
Moonshot Listings Moonshoot listings is a free directory to list your website.

search engines

Tired of big corporate search engines? Try these instead.

site description
marginalia search This is an independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren't aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed.
Mojeek Mojeek is a growing independent search engine which does not track you.

BBSes and public UNIX systems

publicly accessible computer systems for that old-school feel

site description
SDF Public Access UNIX System established in 1987: a community platform for inspiring, facilitating and implementing new ideas
MUINET Many eons ago I used to operate a BBS called 'Muinet' in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. Said BBS featured a number of custom multi-user games which I have now resurrected and made available on the internet (an entertaining little programming exercise to say the least). Call it my gift to all the young-at-heart old school text gamers who might still be out there. is a computer meant for sharing. we are a community that exists on a linux server. founded 2014.

abortion access

A woman's life, mind, and body are her own; whether she gives birth is her decision alone.

site description
Planned Parenthood Your health is our highest priority and we believe your body is your own.
Plan C Pills Plan C provides up-to-date information on how people in the U.S. are accessing at-home abortion pill options online.
Aid Access Aid Access will help you order abortion pills by mail. We protect the health and human rights of anyone without access to local abortion pill services.

other finds

interesting stuff I've found online — not yet sorted

site description
Colossus: The Forbin Project a 1970 Universal Pictures adaptation of the novel by D. F. Jones that, despite its Cold War setting, has attained new relevance with the recent prominence of large language models like GPT-3.
Omni Magazine Archive scans of most issues of Omni magazine from 1978 and 1995, published by Bob Guccione and Kathy Keeton: science fact, science fiction, fantasy, and parapsychology — lots of interesting material interspersed with woo
Epic Illustrated published by Marvel, this adult fantasy comics magazine competed with the likes of Métal Hurlant's US version Heavy Metal from 1980 to 1986, flouted Comics Code Authority censorship, and allowed writers and artists to retain rights to their work
Piano Scales an online scales source and guide for musicians