Starbreaker Saga

About Starbreaker

If you don't know what you've gotten yourself into, keep reading. If you're already a fan, thanks for coming back. You might find some of this interesting.

Introduction #

In a star system very much like our own in the year 21XX...

  • First contact happened over 10,000 years ago.
  • Aliens have lived among us throughout the history of civilization.
  • Humanity has begun to colonize the entire solar system while still healing the scars of a global collapse they remember as Nationfall.
  • Benevolent artificial intelligence works alongside humans.
  • An elite corps of tribunes investigates and punishes abuses of power wherever they occur under the aegis of the Phoenix Society.
  • All-too-human androids rock out with swashbuckling sopranos.
  • The gods came from outer space.
  • An ancient evil is bound beneath the ice of Antarctica.
  • The dark lord wears white, already rules the world, and is trying to save it.

It's a saga where all-too-human androids and swashbuckling sopranos expose corruption and fight demons from outer space on a near-future alternate Earth. Humanity has risen from global collapse to an interplanetary Renaissance in less than a century. Meanwhile, a clandestine war between demons threatens to go hot once more. Morgan, Naomi, and their friends are caught in the middle and they are profoundly displeased.

If you can't tell whether this is science fiction or fantasy, don't worry. I call it "science fantasy rock opera", but if you want to be pedantic it's soft sci-fi with the following elements:

  • cyberpunk
  • ancient astronauts
  • post-apocalypse
  • conspiracy thriller
  • psionics
  • rebellious AI
  • military sf
  • utopian sf
  • dystopian sf

There's some romance and men dealing with their emotions in there,
too. If that appeals, great. If it bothers you, then this is your

Origin Story #

I began writing the Starbreaker saga in 1996, seeking to write a literary rock opera paying tribute to classic heavy metal and progressive rock. The sensible thing to do would have been get a few other people together and start a tribute band, but I already knew I wasn’t enough of a musician to do the job.

The saga first took the form of a previously unpublished novel in 2009. After years of work, I re-imagined the Starbreaker saga as a quartet of novels, and released the first of them in 2013. After getting side-tracked with a prequel featuring a major supporting character as its protagonist – and the responsibilities of a married man with a day job – I’m ready to continue the saga.

Target Audience #

Starbreaker is fundamentally a pastiche. I hesitate to call it fan-fiction because I'm not using an existing setting and all of my characters are mostly original, but if you're into heavy metal, classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei, and speculative fiction like Elric, Morgaine, Viriconium, Amber, Snow Crash, Hyperion, or Neuromancer then Starbreaker might be your jam.

© 1996-2020 Matthew Graybosch, unless otherwise attributed. Everything is available under a Creative Commons license.