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Starbreaker: the Blog
We put the saga’s name on everything — including a flamethrower…

Matthew didn’t want to do a blog for the Starbreaker saga website because he didn’t think it was necessary, but his wife persuaded him to do it anyway. It was either that, or stick around on Twitter, and a week there was enough to have him itching for a troll hunt…

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Nightfall City

<2021-09-16 Thu 01:17>

I’m pleased to announce that material from this website is syndicated to Writers’ Lane in Nightfall City. Nightfall City is a smol web site that aggregates links from Atom feeds submitted by members. It encourages discovery and social interaction by replying to other people’s postings on your own website. It’s run by m150, who also runs and The Midnight Pub.

If you prefer Gemini to HTTP, here are alternate links:

The site only pulls a month’s worth of material so anything in my feed that’s older than 30 days won’t show up, but that’s OK. I think most websites only put the most recent 10-100 articles in their feeds anyway. And it’s good to see that m150 is checking the <published> element in each entry and not just the <updated> element, because I’ve got stuff with publication dates going back to 2009 that have much more recent updated dates (because I converted them to Org Mode for this site).

Incidentally, this site’s Atom feed is hand-written so if it’s messed up please send an email to so I can fix it ASAP. To be honest, the whole reason I set up a feed was so that I could syndicate this site to virtual crossroads like Nightfall City.

If you’re running a similar service or webring, please email me — or just pull my feed. That’s why it’s there. Also, please email me if you link to something I’ve written and respond to it on your website. I want to be able to link back. Thanks!

Incidentally, the name “Nightfall City” reminds me of “Night City” by The Sword, from their 2010 album Warp Riders, though I suspect that m150’s place is cozier and not just a port of call for desperate men.

Notebooks and Atom Feeds

<2021-09-14 Tue 16:17>

I didn’t want to provide a feed for this website because you’ve got to jump through all kinds of hoops to get Org Mode in Emacs to generate a RSS feed for you, and most aggregators and readers prefer the more modern Atom format. So, rather than dick around with rebuilding my site so Org could generate a RSS feed, I just started building an Atom feed by hand. It’s only XML, and I’ve edited raw XML before. It’s not that hard.

I’ve also been working on Shattered Harmonies lately. I usually fill at least a page in my notebook per night, but last Saturday afternoon (9/11) I managed half a dozen. Though I’ve only transcribed up to page 5, I’m up to page 19. The question is whether it’s worthwhile to transcribe pages as I fill them, or wait until I’ve filled up the entire notebook.