a rock operatic science fantasy saga by Matthew Graybosch

When You Don't See Me

Morgan Cooper thought he knew Christabel Crowley and Naomi Bradleigh, but the women he though he knew disappear when he's not there...


A year ago on Winter Solstice, Annelise broke up with her boyfriend, broke up her band (Crowley's Thoth), faked her own murder, and fled London to get away from the lie she was living as Christabel Crowley.

Now living and working in New York City as a clothier and owner of her own boutique, Annelise is sure that Morgan Cooper will eventually find her to ask why. When he does, she has a final mission to carry out for Isaac Magnin: tell him everything, to goad Morgan into confronting Isaac.

However, Annelise is not the only one with long-kept secrets. Morgan has secrets of his own that he never revealed to Annelise, or to the third member of their band, Naomi Bradleigh. Naomi has secrets of her own. Isaac Magnin is her father, she joined Crowley's Thoth for her own reasons, and she's the unwitting keeper of a sentient godslaying weapon called the Starbreaker.

As the three reunite after Winter Solstice, they bare their souls to one another and put aside the masks they once wore. Each explains how they first met Isaac Magnin, and explore their dealings with him from their own viewpoint.

Once they've faced their pasts, they must decide what they want for their futures. Annelise realizes the extent to which Isaac used her, and hopes Morgan will avenge her. Naomi, fearing for Morgan, wants him to put aside any thought of confronting Isaac. Morgan himself is tired of being manipulated, but his ideals demand that he do something about Isaac Magnin. His solution will displease both women: he will not confront Isaac immediately, but investigate further.

In the meantime, he will forgive Annelise for her cruelty toward him. However, Naomi remains unwilling to forgive Annelise, for she fears forgiving her means also condoning Isaac's machinations and proving herself her father's daughter. Nor can Annelise forgive herself; instead, she decides to play the game for her own sake.

This novel draws inspiration from "When You Don't See Me" by The Sisters of Mercy.