Starbreaker Saga

Getting Back to Starbreaker

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Now that my wife's post-cancer prognosis is good, I've been getting back into writing and rebooting my Starbreaker saga. (The old novels are out of print but available on my website.)

Among other things, I've been considering the preternatural powers with which several of my characters are endowed. As an artificial person, they were designed to be able to fight demons by drawing power from external sources (like wireless electricity) or from within their own bodies to generate a small set of effects:

  • holding their place in time
  • generating a personal anti-inertial shield
  • projecting a force blade

These are built-in intuitive effects that feed off each other. An asura emulator who hold their place in time can move through space at what would seem an incredible speed to an external observer. The shield would protect them against high G-forces and high-velocity collisions with other people and objects. The force blade gives them a weapon since swinging a metal sword at near-relativistic velocities is likely to break the sword on the first strike.

These abilities are programmed into asura emulators as part of their operating system; they can access these abilities by intuition instead of study. Furthermore, without an external power supply these effects cannot be sustained for long because an asura emulator's body eats itself alive to generate the necessary power.

The question is whether readers would buy into the notion of one of these asura emulators figuring out the underlying principles behind their abilities and using that knowledge to extend their existing abilities by projecting a shield that covers their friends as well, or by creating effects more commonly associated with wizards.

I'm not sure how much of this I'll expose in the narrative, but I want to think it through before I start writing so it doesn't look like I'm pulling miracles out of my ass. (I only do that at my day job.)