Starbreaker Saga

More Stuff I Might Use Later

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These might work in a new edition of Without Bloodshed...

A frustrated huff escaped Naomi's lips. "I know what 'einherjar'
means, Morgan, but even an army of one could use a little help from
their friends. There are five hundred Fireclowns here, each in dire
need of a boot up the arse. It wouldn't kill you to share."

This might make a good new opener. I could make Christabel a much more
active agent in her own disappearance. Instead of it being the escape
of a desperate woman, it might be a way for both Christabel and Isaac
Magnin to get what they want.

Christabel Crowley loved wintry London nights for their own sake,
and almost regretted that tonight would most likely be her last; it
was the perfect night in which to fake one's own murder.


"There's a way we can both get what we want," said Christabel, idly
twining a lock of Isaac's hair around her finger. "Fake my murder.
That way I can leave Morgan behind, and framing Morgan and Naomi for
the crime will get them to come after you."

Maybe this one, too...

"Don't flatter yourself," said Isaac, favoring Morgan's question
with a contemptuous glare. "You were not chosen by prophecy, and any
omen you cling to is mere apophenia. Out of all the einherjar I
built, you are merely the best of a bad lot."

"I'm not insecure enough to fall for that bullshit," said Morgan,
resisting the urge to reach into his pocket for a knuckle duster and
put the lie to his bravado. "You framed one of my friends and
stacked crisis upon crisis to get my attention. You have it. Start
talking before I come to my senses."